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Security / Armor

Production and supply of armored constructions and body armor facilities

JSC BASTION has been producing and supplying armor materials and armor facilities within 8 years. The following is included in the production list:


  • Armor and explosion proof control towers
  • Armored hood
  • Mobile Permanent Fire Position
  • Arm and bank vaults
  • Bunkers
  • Safekeeping of valuables room
  • Guard cabin individual safe rooms and individual bunkers
  • Spaced armor and gates
  • Ex-, tamper-and bulletproof gates
  • Engineer obstacles
  • and other bullet-,ex-and tamperproof constructions.
    Including customization production.

Armored constructions presentation (6 Mb)


The wide range of armor jackets from NIJ-I till NIJ-4 protective grades, being, produced on the base of modern armor materials:

  • Metal
  • Ceramic
  • Plastic
  • Aramide fiber
  • Armor pots
  • Mantelets.

Body armomr and constructions presentation (18 Mb)

Office in Russia
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Office in UAE
Group of companies BIURS
WCS General Trading FZC
P.O.BOX 487446
Dubai, UAE

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