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General Trading / Chemical Reagents for Drilling and Exploration of Oil and Gas / Drilling Mud thinners

Drilling Mud thinners

№ п/пNamevolShort DescriptionPacking
1WCS 'CHROME LIG'kgHigh temperature thinner/dispersant composed of chromium salt of modified lignite which contains about 70% humic acid. Highly temperature stable chrome lignite thinner and fluids loss reducer for water based mud used in drilling deep wells. 25 kg multiply bag
2WCS 'FCL'kgHigh grade of Ferrochrome lignosulfonate thinner produced of cellulose pulp from wood. It is a highly effective dispersant which controls the viscosity and fluid loss of dispersed water based systems.25 kg multiply bag
3WCS 'C-LIG'kgCausticised lignite dispersant specially formulated to possess improved dispersing ability over untreated lignite. The product dissolves rapidly in the mud system without the need for additional caustic treatment.25 kg multiply bag
4WCS 'MOD-LIG'kgDry, ground, powdered lignite used in all type water based muds.Used in water based muds as a dispersant and fluid loss control additive especially at elevated temperatures and pressures.25 kg multiply bag
5WCS 'HIGH TEMP'kgModified lignite fluid loss reducer and thinner for water base mud which exhibits very high solubility in fresh and salt saturated water. Its temperature stability exceeds 204 centigrades. The product is compatible with all mud products and can be applied in different mud systems: polymer, PHPA, bentonite/FCL, weighted and unweighted systems. 25 kg multiply bag
6WCS 'LIGNOSPERSE'kgHighly effective sodium-lignosulphonate thinner which is applicable in fresh and sea water drilling fluids. Also acts as a protective gel and fluid loss reducing agent, in mud systems. 25 kg multiply bag
7WCS 'POLYACRYL THIN' lPoly acrylate low molecular weight liquid anionic synthetic polymer thinner/deflocculant for use in water based drilling fluids.25 kg pail, 250 kg steel drums
8WCS 'SYNPOL'kgComprises sodium salts of lignosulfonic acid target specifically modified for use in drilling fluids by grafting with small amounts of phenolic resin. Acts as a valuable drilling fluid additive for reducing filtration and stabilizing rheological properties under conditions of elevated temperature and pressures. 25 kg multiply bag

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