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WCS Energy Ltd specializes on maintenance, installation and checkout of the power equipment on power stations.

The structure of the company has: design-engineering department, vibration and regulation groups, working in different directions and providing needs of power engineering (designing, technical expertise, remaining lifetime analysis, development of renewal recommendations, and reequipment of old establishments.

The organization offers the following:

1. Design, setting and conduct all kinds of repairs of the major and support power equipment: turbines, pumps, heaters, fittings on thermal and hydraulic station.
2. Performance of major and support power equipment emergency repairs with portable delivery of qualified personnel.
3. Conduct specialized repairs of power equipment:

  1. Work design and delivery, aimed at turbine reliability improvement, resource enhancement, operational qualities and maintainability improvement, special kinds of repairs; we will provide you with the best engineers, experts, workers as well as special machines, tools and devices.  
  2. Directly at the station, carrying out a blade replacement on rotors of any brands and constructions. A special technique of momentary blade weighing allows, in some cases, to avoid the machining balance of rotors and at allows minimizing the number of startings during balancing in proper bearings
  3. Checkout of rotor connections, defects elimination, hole making operations in half couplings, installation of special easy-off bolts.
  4. Maintainability, in station conditions, of BB spring couplings of PT-60-90/130 turbines, ensuring geometric form of a claw. Coupling life can be extended up to 10-15 years.
  5. Maintain the hermiticity of low-pressure cylinder connectors’, bearing bodies, collets of steam pipes and other turbine units. We have special machines, which allow fulfilling the machining process (milling, boring, grinding, drilling, lapping work) without details or turbine units disassembling. When atypical problems occur, we design and make special devices. We have a technique of collet lapping of low-pressure cylinder flat connector of hydro-stem turbines. The efficiency of this technique is confirmed with its numerous successful applications.
  6. Preparation and control of the rotor’s central hole.
  7. Conduct removal operation of old condenser tubes and replacing them with new ones as well as installing other heat exchangers. We have special equipment of DRESSER company, allowing the work performance to be quick and qualitative.
  8. Evaluation of equipment vibration on the power station with measurement result analysis, we provide recommendations and carry out vibration-setting operations.
  9. The organization of constant work control and maintenance of controlling systems, protection and steam distribution. Characterization (KSK-4 program), scope planning, spares booking, providing supply control. Development and implementation of measures, aimed to reliability growth and maintainability improvement. Modernization of separate units and regulation system elements, protection and steam distribution. Ensuring implementation of data messages of the manufacturers, aimed to system operation improvement.
  10. Turbines and pumps bearing brass overpriming, machining process, polishing on caliper, round fitting.  
  11. Development of technique, aimed to complete special kinds operations.
  12. Development of dossier to form repair objects and terms of its fulfillment depending on the device condition.
  13. Documentation: defect maps, measurement charts, metal control program, certification of the most important units (rotors, bearings) are made in non-legible form for PC and text copy.
  14. Process monitoring of turbine set heat expansion:
    • Measurement of cylinder absolute enhancement and bearing body rotation, bed frames and bed cross-beams;
    • Specification of existing operational misalignments of shaft line’s holdups;
    • Measurement and specification of  cylinder base load;
    • Checkup of steam pipe hanger-support system.
  15. Identification and elimination of trouble cause of cylinders diffusive process:
    • Installation of metallo-flouroplastic tape for dragging reduction in the sliding elements of bearings №1 and 2;
    • Normalization of splits in turbines with crosscut and feather tongues;
    • Center adjustment of shaft line holdups, taking into consideration the measurements of operational misalignments.
  16. Installation and setup of dynamic vibrator suppressors (DVS).

4. Development, preparation and supply with special repair tools and equipment.
5. Production of necessary spares on its own manufacture and in cooperation with turbine building plants.     

We think that vast experience in repairing power equipment, skilled personnel and reliable partnership of “”WCS Energy” Ltd can be useful to you in questions of maintenance support of Russian and foreign power equipment production, set on your establishments.

“WCS Energy” Ltd performs operations on complete automation of oil enterprises, energy companies, gas and chemical industry, network of heating, water and gas supply, power distribution systems and other manufactures with continuous technological cycle.

Process Control System installation is carried out in terms of modern software and hardware complexes. In the installation process, the enterprise performs the complete cycle of works for turnkey operation, starting from designing till assembly and start-up works with the following maintenance of system installed.

The combination of system integrator and system designer inside the enterprise, during the automation system installation, gives the opportunity to base upon generic solutions and   develop new non-typical systems and technologies which have no parallel in the world market.

“WCS Energy” Ltd carries out design works on automation systems, production techniques, communication systems, power-supply systems and other areas which are associated with automation system installation. For every project documentation we prepare estimated papers in terms of local requirements and forms.   

All project papers undergo an examination by RTN experts.  

Designing turnaround

Designing cycle of Process Control System, carried out by the enterprise, includes the following operational stages:
Project documentation is issued in the volume, which is sufficient for automation and service of the plant;
Development of functional papers for nonroutine decisions;
Cost estimation issue: local cost estimate, resource and summary estimates for all kinds of operations, which are provided for specific establishment automation;
Technical support of the project papers development;
Coordination of the project with all interested organizations in the appropriate manner;
Carry out the project papers examination on adequacy of the environmental, sanitary and cleaning service, as well as requirements of fire and explosion dangerous plants.   

The automation scheme and checklist of i/o signals are developed while automation system installation on a specific plant adequately to the technical enquiry. Basing on this data, the project department performs the layout of system’s boards, bays or hinged cabinets. The structural decision received is displayed in the form of 3-D model or in the form of full shield layout including components density.

Next, parts of automation project are accompanied with information and software description of the introduced system; this introduction includes detailed content record of the mnemonics, data cards (equipment certificate), alarm messages, technologic mechanisms, tuning elements and system management.    

On the equipment installation phase, the enterprise carries out the following of the project documentation, as well as technical supervision and carries changes coordination, which satisfies    technical norms and requirements. At the end of installation phase and adjustment works, we issue the turnover (working) documentation, which is passed to the client for further automation system operation and service.

Design and engineering practice

While creating drafts, the enterprise regularly uses design database that has all the documentation of all previously completed operations. The usage of such database significantly reduces the new drafts creation time, lets conduct cooperation and results exchange in the project development process as well as creates documentation of the same execution.      

The enterprise has a test production which provides the implementation of the following operations:
Electronic modules of in-house design installation;
Shields of automatic control system installation, check and testing.

The production includes the following elements:

  • Area of configuration – order, configuration to specifications;
  • Radio-editing unit – installation of printed boards, adjustment, check, quality control, application of protective coatings;
  • Mechanical area – mechanical components production (bodies, front panels, adjusting elements, etc);
  • Installing area – assembly of  control cabinets;
  • Proving ground – functional, temperature and resource tests of the fabricated blocks and control cabinets.

The production is supplied with modern equipment, as well as checking and measuring tools.    

The enterprise carries out building and installing (or chief-installing) and adjust operations on introduced Process Control System on the customers’ objects within the framework of license available. To speedup the installing operations or completion of difficult kinds of operations, the enterprise attracts their partners – specialized building and installing organizations.

In most cases, the installation and adjustment are carried out in conditions of working or temporarily stopped technical equipment of the object for the period that is clearly regulated by the customer.          
The installation of the Process Control System is completed with a complex of installation and start-up works, including the following:
Installation and adjustment of the Process Control System equipment functioning checkup;
Calibration of the system i/o channel;  
Adjustment of the system software and maintenance support;
Local and complex tests of the Process Control System;
Registration of executive documentation set, based on results of installation-adjustment operations.

After termination of the given complex of operations, the issue of executive (working) documentation is conducted to the customer, also briefing and training of the customer’s experts with issue technology, allowing them to perform the maintenance and development of the implemented Process Control System.

Several training courses for customer’s employers were developed on the enterprise; these courses cover a wide spectrum of questions, starting from customer’s personnel preparation to work with Process Control System, till training of technical programming, aimed to independent modification of the technological ensuring system.   

Basic training course is included into the operation complex on implementation of Process Control System and is carried out by the enterprise directly on the customer’s object. During basic training by customer operative personnel, under the direction of the enterprise engineers, the consequent mastering of the system interface is carried out, working documentation is studied, and questions of system implementation are considered. 

Extra training

Per client, the enterprise can organize extra training of the personnel on the customer’s object or on the teaching and production base of the company’s supplier subsystems of automation, both is Russia and France. Extra training includes specific courses:

  • Course of engineer preparation EC&I – training on maintenance skills, adjustment and diagnostics of fireware system facilities;
  • Course of technologists preparation – training of working skills on technological system ensuring (mnemonics, technological algorithms, etc);
  • Course of system integrator preparation – training of working skills of software system (configuration and administration of the system, locking of data into external systems, etc).

Training on specialized courses is aimed at engineering personnel with higher education. The duration of specialized courses is from 3 to 6 working days, including theoretical lessons and practice.  Per cleint, the course curriculum can be adjusted according to peculiarities of the certain establishment of the customer.     

On termination of specialized training courses, personal confirming certificates are given.    

To support and develop the customer’s Process Control System, the enterprise carries out additional operations on development of hardware, program and technological ensuring. This type of work includes both development of new Process Control System components and development of existing for the purpose of their most complete customizability.    

A number of operations on development can be performed within the framework of contracts on maintenance of existing Process Control Systems.

Office in Russia
Group of companies BIURS
Street Reshetnikova
House 17, Korpus 4A
Saint Petersburg (196105)
Russian federation

Office in UAE
Group of companies BIURS
WCS General Trading FZC
P.O.BOX 487446
Dubai, UAE

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