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Drilling Mud additives

№ п/пNamevolShort DescriptionPacking
1WCS 'BIO-135'lGluteraldehyde based biocide. Effective against broad spectrum of aerobic and anaerobic bacteria in water based drilling muds including muds made with starches, guar and xantan gums. 208 lt drums, 19 lt pails
2WCS 'BIO CD'lCocodiamine based biocide with corrosion inhibitor properties. Effective against broad spectrum of aerobic and anaerobic bacteria, fungi, yeasts in fresh, saline and sea water based muds. 208 lt steel drums
3WCS 'BIOCIDE-1304' lBronopol&isotiasolines based biocide. Effective against broad spectrum of aerobic and anaerobic bacteria, fungi, yeasts, mould. 208 lt steel drums
4WCS 'BIOCLEAN'lBiocide/cleaner, effective againt sulfate-reducing bacterias. Washes off bacterial film. 20 lt or 200 lt plastic drums
5WCS 'DEFOAM А'lGeneral purpose drilling defoamer designed to prevent foam build up in all water based drilling fluids. A blend of medium chain length polyols in a carrier solvent.208 lt drums, 19 lt pails
6WCS 'DEFOAM S PLUS'lGeneral purpose drilling defoamer which is a blended formula of high molecular weight silicones suspended in a proprietary water based medium 208 lt drums, 19 lt pails
7WCS ENVIROLUBElA low alkalinity, environmentally safe, viscous liquid, used as lubricant and shale inhibitor in all types of water based mud systems. Blend of polyglyceroles which do not contain aromatics or oils. The product is compatible with any mud type system, low solid polymer system, dispersed, non-dispersed and PHPA/KCL weighted, unweighted systems. 208 lt steel drums
8WCS ENVIROLUBE-RTF'lHighly active lubricant based on natural fatty acids derived from triglycerides. It is fully biodegradable and so has a minimal effect on the environment. Proven effective dosage - 0,7-1 % by volume of mud208 lt steel drums
9WCS 'FREE PIPE'lStuck pipe realese agent. Blend of surfactants, lubricants and wetting agents primarily used for freeing stuck pipes, caused by differential pressure in open hole during drilling operations. Soluble in crude and diesel oil and compatible with all mud products and does not cause problems to the properties of the mud system.208 lt steel drums
10WCS 'FREEPIPE-WTD'lSpecial formulation used as spotting fluid with capability of being weighted-up. Designed to free stuck-pipe or produce spacers to give clear displacement of water based muds to oil based muds. Reduces torque and drag and has excellent barite suspension and carrying capacity. Powerful emulsifiers allow formulations of up to 18 lb/gal (S.G. 2.15). 200 lt steel drums
11WCS 'OXY SCAV'кгHighly efficient sodium sulphite oxygen scavenger. The product reacts with the dissolved oxygen, forming sulfate ions which have no adverse effects on the chemical balance or the rheology of the drilling fluid.25 or 50 kg sacks
12WCS 'OXY SCAV L'кгReactive liquid oxygen scavenger designed to remove dissolved oxygen from aerated water. It is suitable for use in both fresh and salt water, it is catalysed organically to remove oxygen quickly.45 lt plastic drums
13WCS 'ZINC CARBONATE'кгHigh purity, water insoluble zinc carbonate primarily used as hydrogen sulfide gas scavenger in drilling mud systems to form insoluble zinc sulfide.25 kg sack
14WCS 'H2S SCAV L'lThe product which is used to remove Hydrogen Sulphide dissolved in water. Organically catalysed to speed up the reaction rate by a factor of one hundred times. 208 lt steel drums
15WCS 'H2S SCAV'lReactive form of iron which will controls hydrogen sulphide and oxygen corrosion. Analogue of Ironite sponge chemical. 208 lt steel drums
16WCS 'CLEANUP-WB'lA complex blend of solvents and surfactants selected as an efficient filter cake remover in water based systems.208 lt steel drums
A complex chemical compound that is effective at dissolving and dispersing synthetic and oil base filter cakes, pipe dope and residual invert emulsion mud. Agressively water wets solids, releasing oil from particulates. Very effctive when used to remove oil, grease and pipe dope from the inside of the tubulars.208 lt drums, 19 lt pails
specially formulated, low-toxic, blend of surfactants and wetting agents designed to lower surface tension and act as cleaner during completion programmes.208 lt steel drums
Oil soluble water dispersible liquid organic product, which will remove accumulated waxes that have collected in the well.208 lt steel drums
A blend of fatty acids designed to disperse very quickly into clean up fluids, and then assist in the coalescing of drill solids and fines.208 lt steel drums
Specially treated 100% virgin synthetic monofilament fiber that is used as a hole cleaning agent. Enhances the carrying capacity of drilling fluids without increasing the fluids viscosity. The fiber is non-corrosive, non magnetic, chemically inert, and temperature stable in the designed applications7,5 kg boxes

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