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WCS Energy business

General Trading

Anticorrosion coatings

Chemical reagents for Oil & Gas

Materials for repair


WCS Engineering

Designing of pipelines

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Building of pipelines

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Building of electric networks



All Terrain Vehicles BV-206

Security systems




 About WCS Energy

Welcome to WCS Energy web site!

WCS Energy is a part of the GROUP OF COMPANIES BIURS.


Found in 1994, the Group of companies BIURS comprises
of the following independent business units:

  • WCS BIURS (wcsenergy.ru)
  • WCS General Trading (wcsenergy.ru)
  • BIURS (biurs.com)
    Manufacturer of anti corrosion for Gazprom & Transneft.
  • Armaw (m-engineering.me)
    Engineering company for Valves (control valves & various types of valves for power, nuclear & Oil Gas sectors).
  • NPK AMB (concern-rosant.ru)
    Manufacturer of all components for Integrated security system & solution provider.
  • East West Alliance (hagglundsbv206.ru)
    Manufacturer of All Terrain Vehicles.
  • JSC BORA (borasystems.ru)
    Manufacturer of water units.
  • VIRIAL LTD (virial.ru)
    Technical Ceramics. Cemented Carbides. Composite Materials.

WCS Energy Ltd specializes on maintenance, installation and checkout of the power equipment on power stations. The structure of the company has: design-engineering department, vibration and regulation groups, working in different directions and providing needs of power engineering (designing, technical expertise, remaining lifetime analysis, development of renewal recommendations, and reequipment of old establishments.

The organization offers the following:

1. Design, setting and conduct all kinds of repairs of the major and support power equipment: turbines, pumps, heaters, fittings on thermal and hydraulic station.

2. Performance of major and support power equipment emergency repairs with portable delivery of qualified personnel.

3. Conduct specialized repairs of power equipment

4. Development, preparation and supply with special repair tools and equipment.

5. Production of necessary spares on its own manufacture and in cooperation with turbine building plants.

WCS ties up with Magwen Valves .Exclusive distributor for UAE , Oman , Turkmenistan and selective distributor for Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Libiya and Russia. www.magwenvalves.com  and www.magwen.ru 


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WCS General Trading has signed up MOU for operations in India with VIRIAL LTD.


Exclusive contracts

Exclusive contract for GCC, India, Pakistan & Egypt.


Exclusive Distributorship

Exclusive Distributorship for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for German manufacturer...


WCSGeneral Trading

WCS General Trading exclusive distributor of Magwen Valves in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


WCS Magwen tie up

WCSGeneral Trading is exclusive distributor of Magwen Valves in UAE, Oman, Turkmenistan...

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Office in Russia
Group of companies BIURS
Street Reshetnikova
House 17, Korpus 4A
Saint Petersburg (196105)
Russian federation

Office in UAE
Group of companies BIURS
WCS General Trading FZC
P.O.BOX 487446
Dubai, UAE

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