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General Trading / Chemical Reagents for Drilling and Exploration of Oil and Gas / Lost circulation materials

Lost circulation materials

№ п/пNamevolShort DescriptionPacking
1WCS 'FLUID SEAL' kgFluid loss agent for drilling muds based on natural cellulose. Forms tough filter cake. Available in Fine and Coarse grade25 multiply bag
2WCS 'QUICK SEAL' kgLost circulation material which quickly bridges and seals off fractures or porous zones. The product is inert and can be used in any mud system without adverse effect. Available in Fine, Meduim and Coarse grade.25 multiply bag
3WCS 'MICA'kgFine mica is used extensively as a preventative measure against loss of circulation when a thief zone is anticipated. Its fine particle size enables the product to pass through the shale shaker without interfering with normal operations. The medium and coarse grades are used to overcome mild losses or, in combination with other materials, for restoring severe loss of circulation. WCS 'MICA' is chemically inert and will not adversely affect the mud.25 multiply bag
4WCS 'NUT PLUG'kgLost circulation material made of groud walnut shells. Available in Fine, Meduim and Coarse grade.25 multiply bag
5WCS SUPERSEALERkgLost circulation material for water-based drilling muds made of mixture of strength fibers, ganules and flakes. 25 multiply bag
6WCS 'MARBLESEAL12'kgMicronized calcium carbonate. 25 multiply bag
7WCS 'MARBLESEAL35'kgMicronized calcium carbonate. 25 multiply bag
8WCS 'MARBLESEAL63'kgMicronized calcium carbonate. 25 multiply bag
9WCS 'MARBLESEAL130'kgMicronized calcium carbonate. 25 multiply bag

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