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WCS Engineering / IT infrastructure

IT infrastructure

Success of any business can be assured by a well organized IT-infrastructure. Up-to-date equipment, streamline system of corporate communication and information transfer – make a basis of a Company effective operation.

OJSC «Giprokauchuk» (Official partner of WCS Energy) fully accepts and successfully realizes this statement.

Clear understanding of the fact that effective work and management are only possible with a reliable and quick information exchange and all-inclusive control over it, leads to stringent technical requirements to communication means and communication links.

That is why OJSC “Giprokauchuk” constantly develops and improves technical data transfer systems that are based on the most up-to-date technical platforms and state-of-the art technologies. So far, a scaled structured system of communication channels is organized in the Company. Communication channel topology is realized both as cable links and as wireless communication links.

The level and dynamics of business processes realized by the Company, availability of remote affiliates, incorporation into a holding structure pose new requirements to the distributed control of data. That is why OJSC «Giprokauchuk» actively develops intranet while transferring from classic thick client supporting SCS and VPN to thin-client based web technologies.

Such an approach requires a profound development of internet technologies, the technologies that use distributed applications and, what is the most important, an information control solution is required for coordination of all the above into an integrated IT system.

To such a technological solution it is possible to refer Microsoft-based software IT systems.

Microsoft–based solutions allow a Company to realize its first-priority and critical IT-tasks to achieve reliability, accessibility, controllability and convenience in supporting business processes.

On the basis of server products and technological solutions a SharePoint web-portal is unwound through that the information exchange, Project organization and control is possible. So far, the intensive works to integrate business applications into a web-portal are underway for a maximum convenient access to them by intranet.

The adopted IT-solutions allow OJSC «Giprokauchuk» to solve successfully the issues of employees and business processes organization and their management.

The level of such solutions imposes serious requirements to non-infringement quality of the operation of all software products involved. OJSC “Giprokauchuk” pays the most serious attention to this problem by constant optimization of licensed product load, by active cooperation with all its partners – software suppliers and by a constant dialog and transparent policy in order to conform an irreproachable reputation of a reliable and prospective partner.

OJSC «Giprokauchuk» engineering design activities are bases on a developed IT-infrastructure. The following services are provided:

  • Computation and CAD services;
  • Engineering design and technical documentation control system;
  • Automatic reservation and back-up systems;
  • Distributed printing service;
  • Main services, http and ftp services for the interaction with the clients and work executors;
  • Safety and antivirus systems. 

Quick-operation and reliability of services and technical equipment is provided by state-of-the art server and network equipment. CAD working stations are subject to regular modernization. 

Prime quality of final products is provided by highly efficient copying and reproduction systems:


  • Laser colour and black & white printers, Company level printing and reproduction systems;
  • Scanning systems to A0 format;
  • Roll engineering machines and A0 format plotters;
  • Binding equipment for engineering design documentation issue.

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