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GazInStroy Ecology

Since 2001, "GazInStroy Ecology" (GIS ECO) LLC became one of the leading construction organizations as part of GIS International Group.  GIS ECO makes it a priority to specialize in improving the environment by designing and building modern eco-friendly facilities.  There are many successful projects that GIS ECO has built in severe climate conditions of Russian Far North, including:


  • facilities for industrial wastewater treatment
  • sewage treatment plants
  • central heating units, including power utility, water and fire supply
  • sewage pump stations
  • pressure system with connection of sewerage pumping stations along a continuum
  • design and engineering of repair works for networks and facilities of water supply and sewerage systems at the existing gas compressor stations


Currently GIS ECO is located in Moscow and is busy building environmental projects of the capital. In 2008 GIS started the construction of the manufacturing plant for aqueous sodium hypochlorite. The Plant will be situated on the territory of Lubertskie water treatment facility, which provides the city with drinking water. The reason why this is very unique is because it uses the newest technology of membrane electrolysis.  This method was recognized as the most cost-effective and safe to the environment.  All the hazardous chemical substances are going to be enclosed within the facility.


This is going to the first production of low concentrated solution in Moscow.  This method is going to replace extremely hazardous liquid chlorine and will provide the city with the safe high-quality drinking water.  Moscovites will finally be able to drink tap water!


Фасад №2

Facade #2


ЗАО "ГазИнСтрой (ГИС)" - основное проектное и строительное подразделение Группы Компаний ГИС, базируется в Новом Уренгое. Компания, которой руководит Павел ШИНКАРЕНКО, является членом Российского Союза строителей и членом Торгово-промышленной палаты Ямало-Ненецкого автономного округа. (more...)

Voronezh Design Institute - GazStroyProekt

The high level of knowledge and experience of the organization's design specialists from Voronezh ensures the design of sites that serve a wide variety of purposes. GazStroyProekt implements orders through its participation in open tenders. Clients come from both the public and private sectors. The company is now running the integrated planning of several industrial and civil sites simultaneously.

The Voronezh Design Institute provides customers with high quality design documentation, which enables the construction of comfortable and attractive residential units, commercial buildings and other facilities, engineered to the very latest industry standards utilizing state-of-the-art technologies and construction materials.


Smolensk Design Institute - PromStroyProekt

Smolensk Promstroiproekt has been a part of the GIS International Group since 2002. The design institute that is part of GIS International Group has designed over 20 major sites, predominantly connected with provision of facilities for gas deposits. Specialists from the Smolensk Design Institute have commenced work in regions of the North and Siberia. The following sites have been designed and commissioned in the town of Noviy Urengoy:

Waiting facilities (Hotel Pilot) for 70 passengers near Noviy Urengoy Airport


Вахтовый жилой комплекс на 300 человек в г. Новый Уренгой

Residential camp settlement for 300 people



9-этажный жилой дом в г. Новый Уренгой Nine-floor residential building
Residential camp settlement for 3,500 people


Культурно-спортивный комплекс с инженерными блоками в Вахтовом жилом поселке Новозаполярный


Культурно-спортивный комплекс с инженерными блоками в Вахтовом жилом поселке Новозаполярный

Sport and cultural complex

Factory in Shadrinsk

GIS International Group has its own plant and production facilities. Currently Shadrinsk Factory for Reinforced Concrete Products and Metal Structures deals primarily in the production and sale of building materials and structures. The company's success is assured through a comprehensive level of expertise at all stages of production: from developing new product types based on market requirements, right up to delivery of products to the end user.



Since 2004, GIS International Group has expanded its international operations through its involvement in projects in the United States.
GIS USA, Inc is an organization that is part of the GIS International Group, with operations that include real estate investments and residential building construction, utilizing innovative designs and construction techniques.

The American division works exclusively with highly qualified builders and subcontractors and it applies innovative approaches to every project. Each new home project is designed to take into account customer preferences, experience from past projects, and contemporary tastes.

GIS USA, Inc has at its disposal, the most advanced technologies for 3D imaging before construction begins. In addition it strives to be the best in every one of its projects. The company is currently working on projects including two high-rise buildings located on unusually small plots of land, single-family homes and various types of commercial facilities.

Office in Russia
Group of companies BIURS
Street Reshetnikova
House 17, Korpus 4A
Saint Petersburg (196105)
Russian federation

Office in UAE
Group of companies BIURS
WCS General Trading FZC
P.O.BOX 487446
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