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Plugging Mix


Waterproofing materials of the "Plugging Mix LP" series are finely dispersed polymer-mineral composites of highly active, specially processed natural materials with chemical modifiers.

Scope: waterproofing of underground structures for various purposes, creation of anti-filtration curtains, anti-filtration protection of hydraulic structures, environmental screening, and the elimination of high-pressure breakwater. Waterproofing works are carried out by injection technology (hydrodynamic and aerodynamic injection) or by the technology of dry backfilling. It is used for soils with any water content and acidity. The compositions are effective both in sedimentary and rocky rocks, and in technogenic soils.

"Plugging Mix LP-C" is a polymer-mineral composite intended for dry laying as a waterproofing layer. Can be applied in combination with traditional waterproofing materials (roll, coating), and without them. Provides reliable shielding of buried structures from the arrival of groundwater. Shows self-healing properties during soil motions or deformation movements of buried structures. Used at the stage of construction of buried buildings and structures.

"Plugging Mix LP-A" is a polymer-mineral composite intended for aerodynamic injection into soil to create waterproof shield around buried structures. Provides shielding of structures even in low-permeable environments. Used for restoration of waterproofing properties in heterogeneous walls of buried structures, including concrete, brick or buty masonry. Fills thin pores and cracks forming an effective waterproof barrier.

"Plugging Mix LP - G" is a polymer-mineral composition intended for the preparation of a waterproofing mortar. Repair composition. Used for injection into a soil around buried structures. Changes the filtration characteristics of soils, making them waterproof. Resistant to deformation loads, it has a self-healing effect when the screen is discontinuous.

"Plugging Mix LP-M" is a polymer-mineral waterless paste. Repair composition. Can be used in the presence of high-pressure filtration in buried buildings and structures. Effective even with pores or cracks up to 3 cm in size. It is used for repair hydro insulation injection in complex hydrogeological operating conditions of the treated object. Provides reliable hydroprotection of buried structures against the corrosive effects of groundwater. Has a self-healing effect under deformation loads. If the technology of injection and pumping works is observed, the service life of the hydro protection is 20 years or more.

Main technical properties

Resistance to cyclic "freeze-thaw" without loss of operational properties

More than 600 cycles

Chemical resistance

Resistant to non-polar liquids (hydrocarbons), alkaline media, to mineralization up to 30 g / l (NaCl), limited resistance to concentrated acids

Mechanical resistance to erosion

Windstands high-pressure water (depending on the thickness of the screen) up to 60 atmospheres

Coefficient of filtration, m / s

- dry material

- 10 % water solution

- non-aqueous basis solution

≤ 3х10 – 12

≤ 1х10 – 9


Aggressiveness to concrete and metal surfaces



depending on the surface roughness

0.4-0.7 MPa to concrete,

0.2-0.3 MPa to the metal

Chemical interaction with building materials (expanded polystyrenes, polyurethanes, polyvinyl chlorides, bitumen, etc.);


Environmental safety for humans, the environment and aquatic microorganisms.


Anti-filtration curtains (screens) created with the use of "Plugging Mix LP" materials are resistant to cyclic dynamic loads and seismic activity, have self-healing properties, do not require operating costs.

The service life of the anti-filtration curtains (screens), in case application technology is observed is from 10 to 50 years. Warranty is provided.


  • effective even in the presence of high-pressure water filtration
  • can be applied for waterproofing of highly corroded concrete with caverns, shells and cracks up to
    5-20 mm
  • ability of waterproof screen to "self-heal" (restore integrity) in the event of movement and sediment of building structures and the re-appearance of filtration
  • protection of buried structures of building from corrosion
  • no need for additional roll, coating or penetrating waterproofing
  • environmentally safe
  • easy-to-use
  • no operating costs


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